The Birth of 「B-A」 Brand

We are launching crowdfunding pre-sale from 6/1.
「B-A」, the functional lingerie brand that will provide women with maximum comfort, will launch in July 2020. Our headline item, “B-A Signature Shorts” is a femtech product created with a unique design and materials that does not require the use of any other sanitary products during the menstrual cycle, relieving our customers the stress and discomfort associated during the monthly experience.

The brand concept of 「B-A」 is: “Girls be Ambitious, Initiate Change for a Better Life and a Better World.” 「B-A」will be an enthusiastic supporter of women’s health and success, and will strive to contribute to an environmentally sustainable consumer society by providing a product that will reduce the use of disposable sanitary products,

The proceeds from the crowdfunding event will be utilized to provide women in the essential medical services profession with B-A Signature Shorts products. The remaining proceeds will be invested in the development of petite sized products which will provide physical and emotional comfort to young pre-teen and teenage women who are still growing into their female bodies and their menstrual cycle have not yet stabilized.
We sincerely hope that 「B-A」will provide comfort to satisfaction to all of our customers.